Wednesday, September 22, 2010

is this real life?

Andrew says I need to post here at least twice a week. How about YOU post twice a week, Mr. I-love-our-blog-but-don't-want-to-participate??

Just kidding. Love you, boo :)

For real though - how do you write anything compelling when this is your schedule:

4:30am: Andrew wakes up, gets ready for work (on a normal day; otherwise he's up much earlier)
5:15am: I can kind of make out a person standing over the bed, telling me goodbye and to have a good day. He kisses my forehead and leaves for work.
7:30am(ish): I get up and get ready for work. Water the plants, straighten up what's crooked and fix my breakfast.
9am - 5:3opm (ish): Sit at my b-e-a-utiful desk in the office and work, work, work for the man. Really, it's not that bad. And Oprah comes on at 4pm, so that's a nice little treat.

Now this is where it gets tricky. Sometimes Andrew leaves to come home at 3:30pm and sometimes he leaves at 6:30pm. Or 7pm. I never know until he's actually on his way. When I get the call, I start dinner.

Then it's dinner, dishes, an episode or two from the DVR and all of sudden, it's 10pm and he's getting ready for bed. Because of the whole get-up-at-4:30am situation. And I'm usually wide awake, because it's 10pm and that's when I like to party (the Johnson gene manifests itself in the most unconvenient ways sometimes...)

So I'll either a] read in bed or b] watch TV until I'm tired enough to join him or c] lay in bed and think about things like, "What should I cook for dinner next week?" or "I wonder if there's anyway to attach Rudy to my bike" or "Do I want our firstborn to be a boy or a girl?"

And repeat.

See what I'm saying? No one wants to hear about that over and over and over again. But that's just the way it is, folks. Boring, with a capital B.

We do plan to bring our camera downtown more so we can document those outings. Which typically happens every weekend. See, we have fun. We do non-boring things.

I think.

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