Saturday, November 7, 2009

reasons why we love Rudy

We've had him for just over a month now and we keep finding more reasons to completely adore this pup. Granted, he tested our patience for the first few weeks and there were several times where we contemplated ever having children, but we made it and now we're thankful for a great dog. So here's our ode (kind of ) to Rudy...
  1. He's ridiculously cute. We can't take him anywhere without getting comments.
  2. He's really smart. Even thought right now he's freaking out because he can't catch his tail, he's usually brilliant.
  3. He gets the hiccups about 5 times a day. Usually when he's been startled. Adorable.
  4. He's determined - this morning he dragged his blanket and 3 toys from the kitchen into the living room so he could lie comfortably in the sun.
  5. He's curious. Hence the reason he has primer on the tips of his ears and whiskers for the time being.
  6. He's a true hound dog. He roots stuff out of the woods that I'd rather not discuss.
  7. When he sleeps, he cuddles this little blue elephant that my mom got him. Precious.
  8. He's patient with the kids next door that ALWAYS want to pet him. Even the littlest one who always says, "His ears is fluuuffy."
  9. His favorite snack? Ice. Talk about economical. A dog after Andrew's own heart.
  10. He's SO sweet. He can absolutely tell when I'm feeling sad or disappointed and he immediately goes into cuddle mode.
That's it for now, I believe. We do love our Rudiger!

1 friends said...:

  1. ruettiger, page! daniel "rudy" ruettiger! yaaaaayyyyyyy rudy


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