Monday, November 23, 2009


What a two weeks it has been. Forgive me for the over-due post, but wow WHAT A TWO WEEKS IT HAS BEEN. We packed, we moved, we unpacked, we settled and we did it all with a lot of stuff in between and a few hiccups that made the whole time seem to crawl by. But we're here and we love it! I don't think either of us realized how cooped up we've been until we got here and started breathing breaths that I didn't know I was even holding. Then all of the excitement caught up with me (+ the sleepless nights + the work stress) and I ended up with a nasty cold this weekend. Lucky for me, I have the sweetest husband who set me up on the couch with all the Christmas movies a girl could want. And of course, my precious puppy stayed by my side the whole time to keep me warm napping across my legs. Sometimes I think the Lord has to force me to relax and I totally appreciate it.

So here we are, anticipating how we'll decorate for Christmas and preparing for Thanksgiving and the big interview in the days to follow. I can't wait to get there and know, one way or the other, what our next step is (or isn't). Of course, we want this to work out, but part of me just wants to know something, regardless of what it is, so we can at least move forward. Keep us in your prayers and stay tuned!!

Tis the season for good things, I do believe. May your Thanksgiving be blessed...

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