Friday, September 11, 2009

the good life

I had a sweet memory this evening.

I was waiting in the car for Andrew to pick up our 24 disk of the week at Blockbuster (because I forgot to add it to the Netflix queue in time!) and I remembered a certain escapade from last January. But let me preface this story with an explanation. We started watching 24 on Netflix a few months ago, thinking that it couldn't hurt to watch one episode to see what the fuss was about. Three hours later, we had started a tradition. Every Friday night since then we've spent our date night watching a disk and we've slowly made it through the most recent season. In short, we're obsessed/addicted.

So back to last January. We finished a particularly exciting disk, on a snowy weekend, and we couldn't wait for the next disk to come in the mail. So we drove to Blockbuster at 9pm in an ice storm so that we could get our fix. I don't know why, but it's one of my favorite memories with him. It was just such a spontaneous thing that we probably won't be able to do in 5 years. I just love this time, where we spend time together selfishly and it's okay. We can make last minute decisions to go walk around the mall just to kill time, settle on pancakes for dinner because we don't want to wash dishes later, and sleep in if we want. We stay up late on Fridays, watch movies on Saturday afternoon and spend Sundays reading and napping. We're low maintenence and I like that.

There's no reason for this particular story, just something to share in case you stopped by and didn't want to see that another week had gone by without a post. Because I'm sure you'd be SO disappointed if that were the case :)

Enjoy, dear friends.

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