Wednesday, April 22, 2009

spring is springing

That’s what I see when I’m on the way to my parents' house that waits at the top of this hill. And I love it when the trees are just starting to fill out. This weekend, I took Friday off of work to have a “Yay Spring” celebration with my mom. She and I (and all of the women in my family, for that matter) share an affinity for all things green, floral and warm.

We enjoyed the great weather with lunch and a leisurely walk around town, but then we set off to find a way to invite spring into our homes. My mom insisted on getting me some new placemats and dishtowels for the kitchen, all of which are loud with springy prints and perfectly lovely. Then, much to our excitement, we happened to pass a nursery on the way home where we each picked out a hanging basket and a pot of gerbera daisies. It’s true, my friends. Spring has sprung. And enjoying that with my mother may be favorite part about the season.

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