Monday, February 2, 2009

great is thy faithfulness

Andrew and I chose this song for part of our wedding ceremony. It was played as soon as my dad and reached the end of the aisle. The lyrics seemed to represent how we trusted the Lord individually, so we wanted it to represent our marriage as well. We had NO IDEA how we would need to cling to the promises of this old hymn in our first year of marriage.

We sang this song at church yesterday and it was emotional for me, remembering the wedding and how we chose to trust God to move in our marriage. Here we are, almost 11 months later, forcing ourselves to trust Him daily. All I have needed Thy hand hath provided, great is thy faithfulness Lord unto me. We don't know what the next few months will bring - there are a ton of different opportunities and paths to pursue, but finding the right one is tasking. Will Andrew find a job? Should he go back to school? Do we have enough in savings? Is my job safe? Should we move? And there is a huge amount of uncertainty associated with each decision, which requires a huge amount of faith to counteract. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine with ten thousand aside. But we choose faith and joy because we have been provided for abundantly thus far and we know that God's nature is constant. So as we sang this song yesterday, there was this unspoken thought between us: 11 months ago we walked into a church, believing that Lord would guide our marriage. And, thankfully, He has done only that.

Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not; as thou hast been, thou forever will be.

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