Wednesday, February 11, 2009

battle of the blues

The last time UNC played Duke, I was wearing a wedding dress, running back and forth between the dance floor and the hotel lobby where the game was on TV. UNC won, 76 to 68, and we sang the alma mater in front of the concierge desk and then said good night to all of our friends and family who had just celebrated the day with us. Absolutely perfect.

UNC and Duke match up again on March 8 this year and we plan on watching it from an undisclosed location (it's undisclosed only because Andrew has a secret anniversary trip planned and I don't know the destination!). But that's weeks away and first, we take the Blue Devils on in Cameron Stadium tonight. SO EXCITED. For the years I was at Carolina, my stomach was always fluttery on the UNC/DUKE game day. Today is no exception.

There's no real reason for this post, only to say this...GO HEELS! :)

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