Wednesday, June 19, 2013

around here lately

I'm over here, still not blogging. LAME. There's no real reason - I just find myself soaking up what's unfolding around me and not rushing to document it. It's kind of liberating to enjoy those little bits of life without feeling guilty that it's not on camera or on the blog. Right now Jack is standing on his tippy toes at the open window, in his PJs, saying hey to the neighbor who is cutting the grass. That's the sort of thing I should find my camera for, but instead I just make a note to tell Andrew in my nightly email. And I don't even feel bad about it.


This kid is just growing and growing and every day he makes me laugh and think about how this is definitely my favorite age. I also think, usually on those same days, that I want to pull all of my hair out but that's just par for the course. He's still a keeper. He's running down the hallway and learning new words and hiding in the corner to read books and obsessed with trucks and patting my shoulder when HE gets hurt and asking for cereal every five minutes. He loves blowing kisses to the pictures of Daddy on the wall and tackle-hugging Rudy when he gets home from preschool and watching Curious George when he wakes up in the morning. He's pretty great.

The other boy will be here in roughly four months and that blows my mind. One of these days I'll start cleaning out his nursery and maybe we'll pick out a name? I feel great and aside from the fact that my pants don't fit and I have to go to the bathroom every hour on the hour, I don't even feel pregnant. You can throw rocks at me for saying that because I know how ridiculous it is, but I really do feel fantastic. Of course, next month brings the third trimester and summer temperatures so I may be singing a different tune.

My birthday was yesterday (27! woo hoo!) and in addition to sharing the day with my brother who traveled far and wide to be here, I got to attend Operation Shower. Google it and be in awe of the generosity of others. More on that later, but suffice it to say that I was thoroughly overwhelmed in the best way possible. I will also be on TV ;)

My sweet friend had her twin girls and I am D-Y-I-N-G. They are just the most precious little pink wads ever. I've been trying to find the balance between helpful friend and crazy lady who keeps coming over to hold the babies, but I almost don't care because they're just so snuggly.

We're about a month away from getting Andrew back and I think time might actually be standing still. It's close enough to be making homecoming plans and picking out dresses, but far enough away that I still have to turn my head when the couple down the street takes their baby for an evening walk because it makes me miss him too much. Raw thoughts on the Navy and deployment coming soon.

And that brings us to 7:15pm on a Wednesday evening. I'm going to heat up some leftovers and pull up The West Wing on Netflix, another reason why I haven't been blogging. But I won't apologize about that either.

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