Tuesday, October 23, 2012

jack's first birthday

I knew that when it came time to write this post, it would be full of many pictures and few words. Partly because a lot of pictures were taken (thanks, Laura!) and that's the easiest way to share it all, but mostly because it's hard to describe how a mama feels when the people she loves and respects the most come from all over the country to celebrate her baby. There's really nothing like it.

But there are a few details I wanted to share. Obviously.
  • The (loose) theme was fall carnival, only because I knew I could have fun with the colors and decorations with anything fall-related. 
  • I made a few decorations (picture bunting, cupcake topper, the number 1 out of pictures, high chair banner) but most everything I made with things I had on hand or got from the dollar store. In other words, this party was low-budget, yo.
  • Since my boy is a sweet potato fanatic, I thought I'd try to come up with some sweet potato cupcakes. Turns out, they're an actual thing and they're pretty delicious. We had those and some chocolate ones, both with cream cheese frosting. Maybe I'll blog those, too?
It was fun to pull it all together and I'm thankful that I didn't go overboard. It was sweet and simple and just what I had in mind. 






There was a lot of love there, that's for sure. 

And there's seriously no way I could have pulled it off without everyone helping - I had my own personal crew of cleaners, movers, drivers, shoppers, cupcake makers, lunch cookers, picture snappers and baby watchers. They made it all happen. I just supplied the one-year-old. 

So to them, I say thank you. (And you're welcome for the one-year-old.)

1 friends said...:

  1. Looks like a ton of fun and the pictures are adorable!


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