Monday, October 25, 2010

a french pressed morning is a good morning

On days like today, when it's a little bit overcast and misty and blah, the last thing I want to do is sit in my office. DEPRESSING. I'm drawn to the living room, the brightest room in the house, with all the blinds open. The light makes me happy. And productive. Productive is good.

This morning, I warmed up a pumpkin muffin (the result of my baking capades last night) and brewed some coffee in my french press. Which I got for a steal at IKEA earlier this year. It makes me feel so sophisticated and french when I use it. So fancy. Where's my beret?

I live for mornings like this - where it's quiet and relaxing and calm. Something about feeling this way in the morning feels more...peaceful. Does that make sense? It makes me want to go back to college when I'd keep my journal and my Bible in my bag for mornings like this. When I would grab a coffee from the Daily Grind and go sit at a table outside of the student union (or on the bench under the stairs in the library, if it was raining) and write about that day or week and what I was learning. Those were happy moments.

In other news, Kathy Lee and Hoda are talking about fingerless gloves, which I think are the most pointless accessory ever. How are my hands warm if my fingers are exposed? They're not.

Oh dear. Happy Monday :)

2 friends said...:

  1. Happy Monday! I love our french press too, but for some reason it is a skill that I haven't quite aquired yet. I feel like every time I use it I somehow mess it up. Haha.

    I'm following you over from your other blog. As a Christian mom and wife, I look forward to hearing more of your day to day adventures (and seeing a few recipes and crafts along the way!!)


  2. Okay, so I make French press coffee every single morning but my house is the furthest from ... how did you say? ... "quiet and relaxing and calm."

    Life with two boys is noisy. And messy. And frenetic. French press or no. :-)

    Call me some day this week; I want to talk about Thrifty, Nifty, and Wise. While you've been shutting your blog down, your cousin Merrit has been starting one:


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