Thursday, August 6, 2009

a quick update/random babble

1. Andrew's finished with classes! He rocked out the second sessions as well, with 2 A's. Such a genius he is.
2. Work = crazy. Hence the lack of blogging. 10-12 hour days = CRASHING when I get home. Sorry, folks.
3. The weekend with the girls was perfect. It was such a nice little escape. So great, in fact, that those of us who aren't moving back to the other side of the world (I'm bitter about that, by the way, you big tree (Tha, if you get that reference, I'll know for sure that we're soul mates!)) have decided to make it a monthly thing. The third Friday of the month is now ladies' night. Hollerrr.
4. For dinner, I had frosted mini wheats, dry, and 3 chocolate chip cookies. Can I have my life back, please? Good heavens..
5. I'm watching You've Got Mail right now and I think it's one of my favorites. It's a great Christmas movie. I should make a note of that for when it's time to update the Holiday Netflix Queue.
6. I always joked with Martha when she was away that I needed a life-size cut out of her so that I wouldn't feel lonely. Guess what she brought me?
7. I feel the need to take a day off from work just for the sake of having a day off. I should look into that.
8. I want a dog.
9. I'm reading two books simultaneously, which I thought was a good idea. But when I have time to read, I can't choose, and so I don't read either. Dilemma.
10. Mom, we really need to go see My Sister's Keeper. For real this time.
11. My little brother is moving to COLLEGE in 2 weeks!
12. When I'm rich, I'm going to take two-week vacations, because it takes almost a full week to actually get into vacation mode. Who's with me?
13. My birthday balloons are still inflated.

That's all she wrote. Love Love!

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