Sunday, June 7, 2009

some thoughts

It's kind of a lazy Sunday and I'm really excited about that. We have plans to take a nap, go to the library and the grocery store, and maybe play some tennis. The good life, eh? I have a bunch of random thought running through my head and I'd like to disperse them. I hope you're okay with that.

  1. We go to church so early, that when we come home and eat "lunch," it's usually not even 11am yet. That always throws off me off.
  2. I got a haircut yesterday. Nothing crazy, but I like it.
  3. Tyler is graduating from high school next weekend and that is WEIRD. Good weird, though.
  4. I keep forgetting that I'm obsessed with shoes. Since we don't have any money, I like to pretend shop (fill my online shopping cart with everything I love but can't buy) to try and alleviate the desire to have 342 pairs of shoes. It actually works a little bit.
  5. We have 7 weddings to go to this summer. SEVEN. Three of them already happened, but I'm afraid I'm going to forget some. A few weeks ago we lost the invitation to one and started wondering if we were actually invited, or if we just assumed that we were. We showed up and they didn't seem surprised, so I think we're okay.
  6. I always think I'm doing a good job of maintaining our blog, and then I see that 10 days have come and gone since the last post. Oops.
  7. Speaking of shoes, check out these cuties from Target. My birthday's coming up - any takers?
  8. We had dinner with my parents/Tyler last night and it was really fun. We stayed around until 11:30 just hanging out. We love those Johnson's.

  9. The washer is beeping, which means it's time to put clothes in the dryer and start another load. But, it's Sunday and I think God wants me to rest instead. Sweet!

And a Happy Sunday to you, too.

1 friends said...:

  1. Aww...we love our Johnsons too! Its so fun hanging out with them.
    Congrats to Tyler! That's so crazy that he's graduating! :)


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