Saturday, March 23, 2013

17 months with jack

My sweet, sweet boy. How did we get here? Just a minute ago we were celebrating your first birthday and now you're running all over the place like a KID! I can't stand it. But you are so much fun and even though you're shedding any signs of babyhood by the minute, I love this age so much more than I ever thought I would. You're just pure joy.

You're walking like a boss now and that's opened up a world of possibility. One of our favorite things to do is to go to the aquarium right when they open, when hardly anyone is there, and roam all over every inch of that place. You love the freedom and I love seeing you learn and explore. You especially like the jelly fish and the tunnel that goes through the lobster tank. The Beluga whales? Not so much. Although, one kissed the glass the other day while you were very close and I'd be afraid too if I thought something was trying to eat me.

You know a whole bunch of words, but you only say a few. And it's mostly in a language that only I understand, but I like that little secret code between us. You can say mama, daddy, Rudy, hot, outside, bath, thank you and I love you. You can also sign milk, all done, eat, please, thank you and more. As long as you can communicate your needs as it relates to your appetite, you're a happy guy.

You love, love, love trucks. You always wave at them when they pass and nothing will stop you in your tracks like the sound of a truck coming down the street. You also love to read. You'll run up to me with a book, stop about a foot ahead, turn around and back up slowly, slowly, slowly until you've reached my lap and can plop down with your book. Your favorites right now are Machines at Work, Jack's House, My Truck is Stuck and Little Blue Truck. Every single one has some sort of big vehicle in it and we read them over and over and over again. But I don't mind it. I always loved books and I love snuggling up before bed to read with you. It was one of my mama dreams from before you were even born.

You love to give unsolicited hugs, which sends me straight to the grave. You love to make faces at yourself in the mirror. You love breakfast. You really like being able to play outside so I'm looking forward to warmer weather when we can pass the hours in the front yard, watching the trucks drive by. And you still adore your dad, even though you haven't seen him in two months. You ask to look at his pictures daily and you always get excited, like you're seeing him for the first time in a while. I can't wait for you two to be reunited because I just know he's going to be your best friend.

Thanks for keeping me entertained and for being so loveable. And thanks for being so good. You're the reason I'm so excited about doing this again.

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