Tuesday, July 7, 2009

happy...one year and four months anniversary?

Ok. So, you know how you're supposed to save the top layer of your wedding cake to freeze and eat on your one year anniversary? I didn't do that. The thought of having to keep up with that in my freezer for the year kind of stressed me out. And believe me, the sentimental side of me is SHOCKED. However, the bakery that made our wedding cake will make you a complimentary anniversary cake when it's time. And I forgot about that.

Until a week ago.

And who can pass up free cake? Certainly not the Castrodales. We enjoyed the first slice as a study break for Andrew on Sunday, and I'm taking the rest to the beach this week for my family to finish off. I must say, if the real thing was as good as this little thing, our guests were lucky! The only taste of the cake we got at the wedding was the little bit we shoved in each other's face.

The replica was cute...

But not as a cute as the original!

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