Friday, November 14, 2008

for better or worse

Well, folks, it's been one week since Andrew got laid off. It was a huge shock and obviously not the most ideal of circumstances, but we really believe that it is absolutely an answer to a prayer. Andrew has been miserable with his job for a while. Lately it's gotten even worse, pushing us to consider the option of quitting. Before we could even make the decision, he was let go. I think that was God's way of telling us that he heard our prayer and would make the difficult decision for us. And because we know that God orchestrated this series of events, we know that he'll continue to work it out. I think that if Andrew had quit, and then months later found himself still without work, we would have doubted the decision. Now we know that it was out of our hands and in someone else's. What peace there is in that!

Everyone that knows has been so supportive, which is very encouraging. My aunt said that this will be one of those times that we look back on in 20 years and say, "Remember when we were newlyweds and you got laid off? Wasn't it awesome how everything was still provided for?" Honestly, we've been very blessed for the last eight months and having to exercise our faith has been refreshing. Sometimes we get comfortable in the good and forget to be thankful and I had forgotten the peace that comes with trusting when things are foggy. Does that make sense? Rambling, I know.

So things are little more conservative around the Castrodale household, but there's nothing wrong with that. Andrew spends his time looking for work (full time and part time, whichever comes first) and helping out around the house - which I LOVE. He's such a sweet man. I did have to talk him out of growing a "lay off beard." Not something I want to see every evening, you know?

Just keep us in your prayers, if you don't mind. Other than that bit of news, things are pretty normal. Nothing fancy or exciting going on. We'll keep you updated!

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