Thursday, October 23, 2008

a fair occasion

As you know from last week's post, we went to the fair this past weekend. It was Andrew's first time and although it may not seem like a big deal, I was very excited to share the experience with him. And believe me -- it's an experience.

After checking out a few of the exhibits - namely the Green Tent with all sorts of eco-friendly booths and some random exhibits selling general merchandise, we decided it was time for Fair Food #1: The Turkey Leg.

(Don't worry, we shared!)

Then it was on to the produce and livestock exhibit, which was very cool. Here's the blue ribbon pumpkin, weighing in at 667 lbs! (Any ideas on how you actually transport a pumpkin like that to the fair?)

And snack time again: a cortland apple. Very tasty.

We also shared a roasted ear of corn and an elephant ear. Fair food can't be compared to anything else, so we came hungry. We didn't ride any rides, but we did go through a fun house. The moving stairs didn't move and the conveyer belt didn't convey, so it was mostly just a regular house, but still fun. We enjoyed all of the exhibits, but I think our favorite was the Village of Yesteryear. We spent over an hour walking around to look at all of the handmade crafts - pottery, carved wood, leather art, Christmas ornaments, baskets, was amazing. And everyone was dressed up like they were from another century, so that was entertaining too.

As we wrapped up our fair experience, we had a pretty cool ending. Every night of the fair, at 9:45, they shoot off fireworks. We made our way to where the fireworks were, but all of the good seating areas were roped off. We decided to just hang out until they actually started going off and then we could move accordingly to get a good view. We walked to the top of a hill and found two folding chairs leaning against the building - perfect for a little break. Turns out, we had the best seat in the house and we didn't even know it.

We were tired and slightly smelly when we got home, but it was totally worth it. Maybe, this can be the start of a fun tradition. (As long as there are turkey legs and elephant ears)

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